Developing the charter

We hope to hear from as many people as possible and this section outlines what we have done so far to develop the service charter.

Co-creating the charter

The service charter is being ‘co-created’. This means we are working closely with everyone who wants to be involved and has something to say about our service. We’ve been working with people who use our service, consumer and advocacy groups, the organisations we investigate, and our own staff since January 2015.

Working with the Office for Public Management

We commissioned the Office for Public Management (OPM), an independent, not-for-profit research organisation, to design and deliver the consultation about the new service charter. Through us, OPM led on the following:

  • Research. OPM spent the first few months of the project exploring current issues and perspectives about our service.
  • Survey. They launched two surveys in January. The first was for anyone who had an interest in complaint handling, such as advocacy groups. The second targeted individuals who had direct experience of our service. They asked questions about peoples’ experiences of complaining about public services, whether they understood our role, and explored what difference a service charter might make.
  • Customer interviews. They spoke to people who had used our service and they talked about each stage of their complaint so that we could understand what works well, and what works less well.
  • Workshops. They ran a series of national workshops in February and March 2015 with people who had brought their complaint to us within the past year. They also held workshops with organisations that we have the power to investigate, such as the NHS and government departments. Participants discussed problems they had had with our service that the service charter needs to address, and helped to develop a series of statements and promises that could feature in the service charter.
  • Two consultation panels. One of these involved people who had complained to us about a service. The other involved leading experts from the charity sector and advocacy organisations that represent patient and consumer groups. They both met us at key stages of the project to review and comment on any findings that emerged, and advised us on the topics that had been discussed.

what weve done

Other feedback on our service

Alongside this, we have also had feedback on our service through:

  • Staff meetings. Our staff both in London and Manchester have met regularly to share their views.
  • Staff from different teams have attended the customer workshops.
  • Ongoing Customer Satisfaction Surveys, our annual Stakeholder and Organisations in Jurisdiction Research, and workshops we conducted with groups such as the NHS Complaint Managers Forum.

You can read people’s responses so far here