Findings from the first survey

The first survey was available on this site from 12 January to 16 February 2015. Its aim was to start to explore issues around putting in place a service charter, and provided some useful background information for this. 239 people filled in this survey – 158 people who had complained to us, and a further 81 people from a sample of organisations we investigate and advocacy groups.

The survey revealed that:

  • Almost half (48%) of respondents said the most important reason for making a complaint about a public service is to prevent the problem happening again.
  • 37% said that ‘feeling it made a difference to complain’ was the factor that was most likely to make the experience of complaining a good one.
  • The most common reason for being put off making a complaint was the time it might take (25%), closely followed by being worried about repercussions (19%).
  • 46% said that the most important aspect of our role was ‘being independent’.
  • 26% said ‘the ability to influence improvements to public services’ was important.
  • 44% said that the most important function of a service charter is that everyone knows what to expect when they use the service.
  • 32% said a future service charter for our service would improve people’s experiences of it.
  • 37% said the future service charter would increase their confidence in our service.