Your responses

The feedback we have received so far from the first survey, workshops, interviews, and meetings has focussed on:

  • people’s views and understanding of our role
  • people’s experiences of our complaints process and what works well, and not so well, at each stage
  • developing ideas for the content and format of the service charter

The main feedback from the range of people we spoke to focused on topics such as:

  • the ease and speed of making a complaint to us
  • consistency in our service
  • being compassionate when we speak to people who bring a complaint to us
  • how clear we are about describing our investigation process
  • being clear about what happens as a result of our recommendations

There was a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the service charter, and people stressed that the charter should:

  • be clear about our promises and commitments to both complainants and the organisations we investigate
  • be short and to the point
  • include details on how our promises will be monitored and reported on
  • be realistic and achievable – backed up by changes in our service